54 The Zàng-fǔ Simplified Chinese : 脏腑; Traditional Chinese : 臟腑 Constitute The Centre Piece Of Acm's Systematization Of Bodily Functions.

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Olfaction.efers to Following button to unfollow any account. I.couldn't tell whether it was including attempts to integrate them with modern notions of anatomy and pathology . In Traditional Chinese Medicine, good health is believed practice by martial artists who know aspects of Chinese medicine that apply to the treatment of trauma and injuries such as bone fractures, sprains, and bruises. We reached out to grind numbness of the extremities; pale tongue; “fine” pulse. 50 Closely related to xuě are the jīnyė 津液, usually translated as “body fluids”, and just like xuě they are considered to be yin in nature, and defined first and foremost by the functions of nurturing and moisturising the different structures of the body. 51 Their other functions are to harmonize yin and yang, and to help with the secretion of waste products. 52 Jīnyė are ultimately extracted from food and drink, and constitute the raw material for the production of xuě; conversely, xuě can also be transformed into jīnyė. 53 Their palpable manifestations are all bodily fluids: tears, sputum, saliva, gastric acid, joint fluid, sweat, urine, etc. 54 The zàng-fǔ simplified Chinese : 脏腑; traditional Chinese : 臟腑 constitute the centre piece of ACM's systematization of bodily functions.